FB's Andrew Bosworth on Cambridge Analytica

January 2020 · Last updated 2023-09-28 · 132 words

Benedict Evans in his awesome newsletter that you should subscribe to recommended an article by Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth titled “Thoughts for 2020”.

It has so much information in one article, I found it fascinating. For example what a scam Cambridge Analytica was. I always kinda doubted their self-proclaimed kung fu. But they were so bold, and I thought, the things they claimed are technically feasable - maybe they are on to something?

When Trump won, Cambridge Analytica tried to take credit so they were back on our radar but just for making bullshit claims about their own importance. I was glad when the Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale called them out for it.

Do read the full article, it is very good.

Also, I should not blog in the mornings yawn


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