Earn money for Open Source work

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This would ideally be a flow chart or so for finding funding. It is a work in progress. I’ll begin with a couple of interesting links and see where I get from there.

Intro might be something like: Open Source has won, and there’s plenty work to be done. Let’s roll up our sleeves :)

In my experience, good devs flock around Open Source projects, and companies which release Free Software will produce higher quality code and get and keep better developers.

The Log4Shell vulnerability found by the Alibaba Cloud Security Team in 2021 is one well-known example of the supply chain security debate: all the world runs on Open Source, while maintaining of that software is often done by volunteers in their spare time. I am hopeful incidents like this show how much value is created by FOSS and that this common infrastructure can’t be gratis.

Filippo Valsorda’s blog post Professional maintainers: a wake-up call as well as the follow-up post How to pay professional maintainers both are a good read. I think Filippo is right when he says:

Big companies desperately need the Open Source ecosystem to professionalize.

Starting out as a collection of (hopefully) useful links.



https://www.theregister.com/2020/01/03/osi_cofounder_resigns/ https://www.heise.de/news/Lizenz-Streit-Bruce-Perens-verlaesst-zum-zweiten-Mal-die-Open-Source-Initiative-4630177.html > egenüber dem Register sagte er, dass im Grunde nur drei Lizenzen nötig seien: die AGPLv3, die LGPLv3 und die Apache-v2-Lizenz. Dass die OSI in ihrem 21-jährigen Bestehen mehr als 100 Open-Source-Lizenzen abgenickt habe, sei kontraproduktiv.

https://www.heise.de/hintergrund/Missing-Link-Open-Source-ist-tot-es-lebe-Post-Open-Source-9595891.html Nor is he mellowing in his political attitudes: “I find people who think open-source is anti-capitalism to be kind of naive and slightly stupid,” he’s reported to have said.

Which should get another flamewar with Richard “it’s GNU/Linux” Stallman going nicely. Send popcorn. ® https://www.theregister.com/2015/06/17/now_i_can_die_happy_what_linus_didnt_iquitei_say/


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